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Wighton Cappuccino Concerts - reviving a lost tradition

Historical Musician in Residence, Dr Sally Garden takes her inspiration from the city of Dundee's cosmopolitan past to institute a new concert series Spring 2004.

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Dundee's Exchange Coffee Room, with its distinctive Doric column facade, still stands in Shore Terrace in the heart of the city - its upper storey Reading Room here overlooking a scene of bustling European trade.

But the once thriving harbour and the closes and tenements of the city's medieval Greenmarket are its companions no more. By the C20 changes in the economic enviroment had conspired to allow the city to turn inwards upon itself, and to forget its confident, cosmopolitan past. Today the Exchange Coffee Room is hidden away - stranded on a shoreline of reclaimed land at the foot of the Tay Road Bridge, and boxed in by the shadow of modern tower block. The Caird Hall (itself an imposter on the old Greenmarket lands) is its nearest cultural companion, and seeming guardian angel.

More about the Cappuccino Concerts






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