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What's on

The Wighton Residency programme was completed in August 2006
see www.monsgraupius.org

Residency Archive



New Media Launch



Blowing Nordland's Trumpet!


Sally Garden (mezzo-soprano), Donald Hawksworth (piano), Tony Freeth (realisation engineer) with Anna Paterson (literary translator), Frank A Jenssen (visual artist) and Karl Erik Harr (visual artist)
Merchants Hall, Edinburgh


Cappuccino Concert n6


An auld acquaintance forgot! - Norway's Skottland discovered in song


Sally Garden (mezzo-soprano), Donald Hawksworth (piano)
Marryat Hall, Caird Hall complex, Dundee


Cappuccino Concert n5


Apollo's Banquet with the Wighton Harpsichord


Apollo's Banquet
Marryat Hall, Caird Hall complex, Dundee


Cappuccino Concert n4


John Kitchen plays the Wighton Harpsichord


John Kitchen (harpsichord)
Marryat Hall, Caird Hall complex, Dundee


Cappuccino Concert n3


The morning is charming - music by Mr Handel


Donald Hawksworth (piano), Sally Garden (mezzo-soprano), Ruth Black (mezzo-soprano), Alison McDonald (soprano)
Marryat Hall, Caird Hall complex, Dundee


Cappuccino Concert n2


Harpsichord heaven!


Edinburgh Barock
Marryat Hall, Caird Hall complex, Dundee


Cappuccino Concert n1


Dowland and the Scots


Fires of Love
Marryat Hall, Caird Hall complex, Dundee


Wighton Residency Inaugural Recital


Mondschein auf Loch Lomond - music inspired by the northern muse!


Sally Garden (mezzo-soprano), Donald Hawksworth (piano)
Caird Hall Stage, Dundee



During her Residency, Sally Garden has also appeared in Fife, Angus and Dundee with :
Armistead Lecture Series (City of Dundee)
Angus Choral Society (Angus)

Brechin Arts Festival (Angus) [inaugural festival]
Music in St Vigeans series (Angus)





















Participating artists

The Historical Musician in Residence has enjoyed the support of the following artists in realising the Wighton Collection as a 'living collection'


Individual artists    
   Donald Hawksworth (piano)
   John Kitchen (harpsichord)
   Ruth Black (mezzo-soprano)
   Alison McDonald (soprano)

   Apollo's Banquet
       Mary-Anne Alburger (violin)
       Shelagh Reid (violin)
       Isabella Pillath (viola da gamba)
       David Smith (harpsichord)

   Edinburgh Barock
        Lawrence Dunn (baroque violin)
        Alasdair Mitchell (cello)
        Jane Blackie (harpsichord)

   Fires of Love
        Frances Cooper (soprano)
        Hugh Campbell (lutes & guitars) 
        Jo Hugh-Jones (bass, lute & recorders)
        Marcus Claridge (percussion)


© Sally LK Garden 2004



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