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Unfolding the Wighton Collection - Residency Repertoire

Music from the Wighton Collection and from other historical sources associated with Angus, Fife and Dundee performed during the Residency:

• Wighton Collection : performances of single works


Barsanti, Francesco (Lucca 1690-1772)


Pieces from A collection of old Scots tunes (1742)

Bremner, Robert (Edinburgh? c1713-1789)


Scottish songs and dances from The harpsichord or spinnet miscellancy (c1761)

Carey, Henry (Yorkshire 1687-1743)


The beauty of true love (1745) (voice & kbd) [ed. Garden]

Dowland, John (1563-1626)


Settings from First booke of songs & ayres 1597 [Wighton Coll. contains C19 ed. by William Chappell]

Erskine, Thomas (6th Earl of Kelly) (Kellie Castle, Fife 1732-1781)


The Capillaire minuet (violin, cello & continuo)

Gow, Niel (Strathbraan 1727-1807)


Lament for the death of his second wife (violin)

Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759)


Fantasie in C major (c1705) HWV 490 (kbd)

Munro, Alexander (?Edinburgh 1697-1767)


Sonata in b minor on Fy gar rub her o'er wi' strae (violin & continuo)

Oswald, James (Crail 1710-1769)


The sneez-wort (Airs for the seasons : autumn)


The hawthorn (Airs for the seasons : winter)

Playford, John (Norwich 1623-1686/7)


Pieces from Musick's hand-maide (1663)

Riddell, Robert (1755-1794)


Variations on the hare in the corn (attrib. Riddell) (violin & continuo)

Ross, John (1764-1837)


Thou ling'ring star (Burns) (voice & kbd)

Weber, Carl Maria von (1786-1826)


3 settings from Schottische national gesaenge (Leipzig 1826) (voice & kbd)


• Wighton Collection : performances from larger works represented in anthology


Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759)


Frondi tenere - Ombra mai fu (Serse 1738) HWV 40


Ridono sul tuo volto (Rinaldo 1711) HWV 7


• Performances from other sources associated with Angus, Fife and Dundee


Robert Edwards' commonplace book (1630-35) (Panmure mss) - (Murroes, Angus) (Panmure House, Angus)

Duncan Burnett's book (c1610) (Panmure mss) - (Murroes, Angus) (Panmure House, Angus)

Thomas Wode partbooks (1562-90) (St Andrews, Fife) - What mightie motion (Montgomerie), Woe worth the time (anon)



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